Ribono with Simcha Leiner

December 16, 2021


🎵 Song: Ribono
✍🏼 Composer: Mordechai Brezel
✍🏼 Lyrics: Mordechai Brezel & Eliyahu Raful
🎤 Singer: Simcha Leiner

How does one daven?

Listen to Simcha Leiner tell over a story about a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov to give us an idea of how to daven and what to daven for.

This story was the inspiration to his famous song Ribono.

Simcha also shares who, or what, he has hakaras hatov to when it comes to putting out a song like this.

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  1. Anonymous

    Just wanted to let you know that it takes a special person to compose a special song……and I can think of no one more special and more fit to compose “Ribono” than the actual composer — Yisroel Mordechai Brezel — who is named after a true and righteous Jew and who himself is a paradigm of true modesty and nobility. A person of exemplary “Middos,” and a heart of pure gold, who has empathy, respect and sensitivity for others, and spends his nights and days immersed in the study of Torah and whose Tefillos are an expression of love and thankfulness to Hashem for all the blessings that Hashem has bestowed upon him. He is truly one of a kind….ONE IN A MILLION!


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