Oz Yimoleh (Yeedle feat. MBD)

October 2, 2020

Zman Simchaseinu, the time of year that is infused with a higher level of rich, spiritual joy. There is a unique excitement in the air unlike any of the other Biblical festivals, Pesach or Shavuos. The careful inspection of each of the four species being performed by young and old alike, trying to choose the choicest of minim for their beautiful mitzvah.

Toolboxes being dusted off for the first time in a year as families gather on their porches to build their annual temporary living quarters. “This year we’ll do it better!” can be heard from just about every do-it-yourselfer out there. Both the “handy” and the… “not as handy” somehow getting it done year after year. This incredible fact alone blows me away – and thank God doesn’t blow away their hard work!

Being that I live in Yerushalayim I might be a little spoiled, but looking out and seeing the Chag come to life before my eyes is quite the sight to behold. But it’s not just for me, though. It is for our gentile neighbors as well! Imagine what goes through their minds when see the mundane world around them start to transform into a spiritual smorgasbord! Everywhere they look, a mitzvah is being prepared and performed in such a proud and openly apparent fashion.

This is not one of those Holidays that occur mostly within the 4 walls of our homes. Rather, the Jewish Nation is seen walking to and from shul carrying their precious lulavim and esrogim, and are heard singing their joyous Shabbos and Yom Tov tunes through the thin walls of their magnificent sukkahs. The beauty of Klal Yisroel shining through and on display in a very royal and majestic way, all over the world – wow! Mi K’amcha Yisroel!

To me, a song that captures this jubilant pride like no other is called Oz Yimoleh and is sung by Yeedle on his 1993 debut album entitled Together. He is joined on this track by his father, the great MBD himself, and together they gave this song the life and energy needed to convey its lasting message. This inspiring tune was composed by the famed conductor, arranger and producer Moshe Mordechai (Mona) Rosenblum. {Another great version of this song can be found on the 1994 release of HASC, Vol. 7 and was sung solo by Mordechai Ben David in a most powerful and memorable way. #WorthTheListen!}

Now, get out there and give the world the glow that we were put here to show!

Wishing you a most regal Shabbos v’chag Sukkos same’ach!

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  1. elisha

    Love the HASC 7 version, very lively


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