Hashem’s the World (Avraham Fried)

October 1, 2021

בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹקִים אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ

This week, as we leave the elevated existence of the recent Yomim Tovim and reenter the physical, mundane worlds that we had left behind, we are immediately greeted by the Shaishes Yemei Bereishis to begin Sefer, and Parshas Bereishis. And while it is not within our abilities to comprehend even the slightest aspect of even the tiniest element of creation, it is very much our responsibility to at least recognize and acknowledge the Creator of it all.

Hashem’s glory and flawless benevolence is revealed through every one of His creations; just look around and see! Hashem’s splendor and kindness fills the whole world – earth, air, and sea – and paints it all in brilliant color. From the shining sun by day, to the soft glowing moon and countless stars by night – all of which is suspended within the infinite vastness of space – each celestial body proclaiming His omnipotence just by their very existence and function alone.

The thunder and lightning, the clouds and the rain, the mountains and valleys, the deserts and fields, the fish and the fowl, the livestock and beasts; the microscopic, the enormous, and everything in between – not to mention all of humanity for whom He made it all to solely benefit – all sing in unison that all belongs to Hashem and was created for His glory. Each element of creation with its own unique role and individual instrument to play in the orchestra of the Borei Olam.

And now, as another week comes to an end, we watch as the sun descends in a burnt orange sky; the cliffs are black silhouettes; the sea, liquid silver. The towering trees rustle excitedly in the invisible wind, bowing to Hashem’s unseen presence in this world. From the flora and fauna on earth’s surface, to the endless expanses of the ocean, each organism joins together to form a constant song of divine beauty. The scent of Gan Eden fills the air. The Voice of the Creator reverberates upon every being. The entire universe sings the most beautiful song.

The radiance. The brilliance. The majesty. A paradise on earth!
Shabbos – a day like no other – a day that is truly May’ein Olam Haba.

While I usually would not take another helping from an album that we recently highlighted (see “Torah Tzeeva by The Bostoner Rebbe”), this week, in honor of Shabbos Bereishis, I decided to make a rare exception. For today’s song, we find ourselves back in the hit Suki & Ding – All Star series of the 80’s with another classic – this time it’s Hashem’s the World sung by the world-class Avraham Fried. While first released on the 1985 All Star Torah record, this one has a little backstory that I wanted to share with you as well.

When Mrs. Miral Simcha looked around and saw that there was nothing going on in her quiet Detroit community, she was determined to do something about it. (You might say that she wanted to create something from nothing.) Well, it didn’t take long before she made up her mind. She decided that she would make a theatrical production for the women of the city, and so, the dynamic and innovative Mrs. Simcha began making preparations for the upcoming performance.

Write up a script? Check.
Confirm the members of the cast? Check.

Now all she needed was a theme song – an original number that would tie this whole thing together. Mrs. Simcha got together with her good friends Mrs. Sandy Roskind and Mrs. Nechama Bakst, and together they wrote up the lyrics for the play’s anthem. The words were ready for a tune, and they knew just who to call.

Mrs. Simcha got on the phone and called her sister in Yerushalayim, Mrs. Chumie Berry. Mrs. Berry listened to the words and was met with immediate inspiration. She heard the singer speaking to the audience, inviting them to join in – transparent, in awe. She built a chorus to lift the listener with the ever-increasing wonderment of each subsequent verse, the singer no longer able to contain the feelings of amazement and sheer delight……

Perfection? Check!

“Castles in the Air” was a smashing success, but the long-lasting achievement of that year’s event was definitely the creation of this musical masterpiece. ‘Even if we’ve heard the song ten thousand times before,’ it never fails to decorate our imaginations with the many miracles and marvels of Hashem and of the world that He created. Between Suki’s authentic arrangements, and Avremel’s vibrant vocals, this song absolutely comes alive each and every time I hear it.

So, 🎶 ‘why don’t you sing with me?’ 🎶

Wishing you a wondrous Shabbos Bereishis!

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