Give the Audience the Drum: Moshe (Marlon) Sobol

June 25, 2023

Season 2, Episode 2.

Moshe (Marlon) Sobol is an accomplished, uber-talented, soulful and original musician. He is a drummer, percussionist, composer, improviser and accompanist. He is an experienced and innovative music therapist who brings relief through music to countless suffering individuals and groups.

Moshe has mastered the ability to unlock the power of music to non-musicians, staging complete audience-participation events for celebrations, school groups, corporate events and much more.

You can watch clips of Moshe’s music and learn more about his vast musical diversity at

Also, see Barbara Bensoussan’s article in the June 20th issue Mishpacha (Issue #966) here.

We hope you enjoy hearing his story through the podcast!

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