Carry On with Rabbi Aryeh Cohen

January 12, 2022


🎵 Song: Carry On
✍🏼 Composer: Binyamin Zwickler A”H
🎤 Singer: Eli Levin & Eli Dachs
⚙️ Producer: Aryeh Kunstler

He battled Cancer for years but he didn’t let it stop him. The album ‘Carry On’ is a compilation of original songs composed by Binyamin Zwickler A”H. After he passed, his friends got a hold of original compositions that he wrote. They decided to produce this album, containing 7 tracks and featuring some of the top Jewish artists. For his 5th yahrtzeit, we spoke to Rabbi Aryeh Cohen, one of Binyamin’s rabbeim, who will shine some light on Binyamin and some insight on the album’s title track. Please consider donating to Madraigos in Binyamin’s memory:

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