Big Gedaliah Goomber – 1969

March 3, 2021

Short post, tall order.

In 1979, a mighty, mythical man named Goomber was musically immortalized on the historic JEP/Suki & Ding collaboration: Uncle Moishy and the Mitzvah Men, Volume 1. If not for this groundbreaking album, we may have never known that such a colossal character even existed. At seventeen feet tall, Gedaliah Goomber may not have been the largest personality in Jewish history, but I think we can all agree that he was probably the first shomer Shabbos deep-sea diving construction worker that anyone had ever heard of.

But before the legendary Suki & Ding duo introduced us to this towering figure, Big Gedaliah Goomber had already been turning down double, even triple pay for more than fifteen years!

Rabbi Yosaif Silverman, z’l, creator of the now famous fictional fellow, first wrote about Goomber’s adventures and his staunch Shabbos observance back in 1963. You know the story – No matter what and no matter how, our humongous hero would always say “I’m not gonna work on Saturday!” The terrific tale was put to song and subsequently recorded on this 1969 record entitled (deep breath), Big Gedaliah Goomber and other songs by Yosaif Silverman, sung by Abraham Weisman and the Clei Zimrah Orchestra.

Watch out beloooow!

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  1. elisha

    Wow! Never heard this rendition – it’s very post-war sound!
    I’ve only heard the Uncle Moishy version!
    He has a terrific voice, straight the 40s and 30s
    Wow what a treat!
    Never knew this orchestra is that old..
    and a amazing tenor!


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