February 27, 2022

16 submissions scored a hundred percent, as tallied by my favorite son.
Many entries sent in, were as close as can be – some got them all except one!
As much as I’d like to, we can’t wait any longer, this contest’s officially done.
But no matter who wins the JOURNEYS 5 prize… I’m just glad that we all had some fun!

Congratulations to subscriber SRULY P. – you are the winner of the free JOURNEYS 5 CD! You will be contacted for your shipping details in the very near future.

Thank you to everyone who participated – your efforts were commendable to say the least! I look forward to doing this again soon! With plenty of new music on the horizon, I better start preparing the next giveaway right away!

The correct answers were as follows:
1. You can spend time with your family – It’s Time to Say Good Shabbos (Journeys 1)
2. soon you’ll be here with me in this world – Conversation in the Womb (Journeys 1)
3. he always is quick to forget and forgive – Shalom Song (Marvelous Midos Machine 1)
4. somehow I get the feeling that you do – Who Am I (HASC 2, Journeys 3)
5. no more could she hold back the tears – Teardrop (Journeys 2)
6. the bachur’s a wonderful Jew – Witty Ditty (A Time to Laugh)
7. time has a way of passing by so fast – Memories (Journeys 2)
8. if only somebody would care – How I Wish Someone Would Be My Friend (Marvelous Midos Machine 1)
9. he was a legend of New York – Somewhere A Star – Umatzdikei (The Event)
10. deep inside my drawer where it would be safe – Joe DiMaggio’s Card (Journeys 3)
11. most are doomed to failure before they even start – Yeshivishe Reid (Journeys 3)
12. I’d heard those words so many times before – The Shadchan (Journeys 1)
13. the first one is the Torah – Chesed (Marvelous Midos Machine 4)
14. without you beside me I feel so alone – A Jewel in the Crown (Lev V’Nefesh 1)
15. we’d journey together a long way from home – Little Kite (Journeys 2)
16. now I think that I have the solution – The Bar Mitzvah Song (Marvelous Midos Machine 4)
17. who taught the birds to sing their song – It Had to be Hashem (Journeys 1)
18. but her voice gave hope to the broken hearts – Mama Rochel (Journeys 4)
19. like a ticking time bomb that’s ready to explode – The Anger Song (Marvelous Midos Machine 2)
20. to reach out and touch it with love – A Small Piece of Heaven (HASC 3)
21. so we’ll keep on learning forever – Lulay Soroscho (Journeys 3)
22. what’s in store is a story for you – The Story Song (The Golden Crown, The Lost Treasure)
23. your money’s safe and sound – The Cat Ate the Canary (Journeys 4)
24. for a malach is merely an agent – Hamalach (HASC 7)
25. it took many months to get there – The Man from Vilna (Journeys 4)
26. believe me when I tell you friend – There’s No Place Like Home (Journeys 1)
27. inhabited by few – Ride the Train (Journeys 2)
28. we will sing to and honor Your name – The Band (Journeys 4)
29. it’s not just a story a tale that’s been told – It’s What I Believe (Journeys 3)
30. even though you’d really like to know – Loshon Hora Song (Marvelous Midos Machine 2)
31. how I dreamed that one day we could be together – Dreams Come True (Diaspora – The Reunion, Journeys 4)
32. just be sorry and say to Hashem – The T’shuva Song (Marvelous Midos Machine 2)
33. Journeys 1, 2 and 3…the one and only – We’ve Got the Music (Journeys 3)
34. a house of marble and of gold – Ahavas Yisroel Song / Together (Marvelous Midos Machine 3 / Yeedle 1)
35. how we prayed it wouldn’t rain – The Ninth Man (Journeys 1)
36. and King Achashverosh from all of those ladies picked Esther – A Fantastic Amazing Miracle (Journeys 1)
37. together we can drive away the night – Candles (HASC 4, HASC 25)

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