Tov Lehodos (The Rabbis’ Sons)

November 27, 2020

As Kabbalas Shabbos comes to a close, we recite the Mizmor (Tehillim 92) that Adam HaRishon authored at the onset of the world’s very first Shabbos. I know that a lot of you were expecting to see at least one Tov Lehodos during this whole thing (and I don’t like to disappoint) so here’s one for ya! But instead of the Yo Aisenstark or Shlomo Carlebach kumzitz classics, we are going to go with something that I’m sure you will still find familiar. The famous tune below was composed by Itzzy Katz and was sung by The Rabbis’ Sons on their 1968 second volume, To Life. In these turbulent times, we can be more thankful than ever for the gift of Shabbos, and this song should definitely help. Enjoy!

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