Torah-Fueled Dance: Violinist and Fiddler Daniel Ahaviel

July 4, 2023

Season 2, Episode 3.

This episode is generously sponsored by Rabbi E.B. “Bunny” and Shaindy Freedman

Welcome back to all those who seek depth in Jewish music!

For this episode we were blessed with an in-person interview with virtuoso Jewish violinist Daniel Ahaviel. He has a tremendous story of teshuva and music all bound into his unique soul and show-stopping, jaw-dropping performances.

Daniel Ahaviel was born in London, UK in 1963. Already as a child he discovered his love for the emotional sounds of the violin. Over the years, Daniel has performed at concerts and music festivals around the world, releasing the albums “VeAhavta”, “King’s Clothes”, an album recorded at the London Klezmer Festival “Live In London”, “You are the Heart of the World” and his new album “Alive and kicking”.

His unique playing and undeniable control of every aspect of his instrument brought him to the forefront of the stage at the best shows in the Jewish world and to collaborations with the greatest Jewish singers.

You can learn more about Daniel at his website

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