Mesikus HaTorah (Yisroel Werdyger)

May 16, 2021

Today’s song was suggested and inspired by one of our wonderful Shabbos guests. A big thank you to Malkie S.!

Famously, the Torah was first offered to all the other nations of the world. But before making their decision, they felt the need to inquire of its contents. After hearing what inconvenient mandates they would have to obey, they all unequivocally declined.

But when Bnei Yisroel was approached with the very same Torah – included in which are a unique set of laws that often require restraint and discipline, with concepts that can be quite challenging to grasp – we did not ask any questions. Even before Moshe could finish his pitch, we promptly declared, na’aseh v’nishma – we will do and then we will listen, knowing that if it comes from Hashem, then by its very nature it can only be for our good.

And so, 3,333 years ago, on the most important day in world history, we were given the Torah at Har Sinai. The Torah – our spiritual life force – contains 613 mitzvos, which, loosely translated, are “commandments.” But they are much more than just obligations. Each mitzvah is a guide, every word a remedy, and each letter is an insight into Hashem’s Omnipotence and perfect Oneness.

The Torah reveals in an infinite number of ways, that Hashem is everything and that everything is Him. At Har Sinai we received 248 dos and 365 don’ts, all for the sole purpose of meriting the ultimate reward: attaining closeness to our loving Father in Heaven both in This World and in the World to Come.

The Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh (Ki Savo, 26:11) sheds some light on the true meaning of the pursuit of happiness. The pasuk states “V’samachta b’chol hatov asher nasan l’cha Hashem Elokecha… – and you will rejoice in all the good that Hashem has given you.” The Ohr HaChaim quotes the Gemara in Brachos (5a) which tells us “there is no ‘good’ other than Torah.”

He writes that if we could somehow comprehend the sweetness of the Torah and of the guaranteed goodness that we are promised therein, we would become obsessed with the Torah and would chase the opportunities to fulfill its words at all times. Silver and gold would have absolutely no value, and nothing would distract us from trying to acquire its wisdom because the Torah contains all the pleasures of the world. There truly is nothing else to pursue!

Rav Yitzchok Blazer zt’l (otherwise known as Reb Itzele Peterberger), would say that a person just doesn’t realize how much Olam Haba one gets when he learns Torah, because if he did, he would never stop learning. Being that we are finite creatures, we cannot fully fathom the awesomeness of Torah. We, with our limited capacity to understand, cannot completely comprehend the greatness, magnificence and splendor of the Torah. This is one of the reasons that we daven each morning that Hashem allow us even a small taste of that pure mesikus haTorah.

Maggid shiur Rabbi Hillel Paley has composed many of Jewish music’s biggest hits over the last two decades. Mesikus HaTorah was first recorded by Yisroel Werdyger in 2011 in honor of a special series of events hosted by the Gerrer Seminary in Yerushalayim and was subsequently re-recorded for Werdyger’s 2012 album entitled Odeh Lokeil.

The taste of Torah can be sweet to every single Jew, and Shavuos is certainly an opportune time to indulge. Yes, a scrumptious cheesecake dessert is highly desirable, but its essence is ephemeral. However, learning Torah with desire and the incomparable sweetness that comes along with it is eternal. It makes the Torah live within you, strengthens your connection and love for Hashem, and gives you the tools to live a full and rewarding life. All that and not one calorie to worry about!

Wishing you a very sweet Yom Tov!

Lyrics (Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh Ki Savo, 26:11):
אם היו בני אדם מרגישין במתיקות ועריבות טוב התורה היו משתגעים ומתלהטים אחריה ולא יחשב בעיניהם מלא עולם כסף וזהב למאומה כי התורה כוללת כל הטובות שבעולם

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  1. Shalom

    This is a so excellent! The song fills my soul with something I can’t express in words.


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