Souled Out 1: Habeit Medley

July 6, 2024

Habeit – with nothing else to rely on, we turn to Hashem, feeling helpless and shamed. We raise our voices in prayer, piercing the heavens, to declare that with everything, we remember our roots and plead that Hashem remember us too. Achakeh Lo – How we yearn each day for our Divine salvation. Hashem Oz – Please grant your people the strength we need. Please bless us with heavenly peace – Shalom.
Venemar, V’hoyo Hashem Lemelech Al Kol Ha’aretz – Oh! How we anticipate the day when the entire world will recognize and embrace Hashem Echad!

A gutten Chodesh!



Little one little one, it is true yes, it’s true.

It’s been a really dark time for Klal Yisrael.

In moments like these, we know exactly what to do: we raise our voices in prayer, piercing the heavens. We proclaim, that in every situation, we remember who we are – Hashem’s beloved nation. We certainly remember who Hashem is – our Father, our King!

With true devotion, we plead: Ribono Shel Olam, please shower Your nation with great Yeshuos. How we yearn each day to hear the Shofar of Eliyahu Hanavi announcing the arrival of Moshiach. Then, we can finally move towards a world of peace – a world in which every single being will recognize that Hashem Echad!

A gutten Chodesh!


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