We highlight some of the greatest songs, both new and old, in an effort to enhance your musical experience. If you like a little meaning with your music, then you’re in the right place.

We all know that the Koach HaNiggun is a powerful entity that Hashem put into this world.
In fact, it is no secret that music holds a very special place in our avodas Hashem. Now, for better or for worse, the Jewish music landscape is very different from what it was when we were growing up. This is not something new, as it has always been this way. Music, just as any art form, adapts to new societal norms in sometimes subtle, and sometimes not so subtle ways. But due to this phenomenon, I began to notice a lot of people, particularly of my age and younger, were losing the ability to spiritually connect through this unbelievable koach.

Music was no longer a vehicle to reach higher levels of Yiddishkeit. It was being put aside entirely, and even worse, being replaced by superficial pop-culture alternatives.

This is why I decided to join my exhaustive audio library and love for music with my passion for writing, in order to share the beauty and magnificence of Jewish song with anyone willing to listen. If there was a chance that I could help the music inspire and bring joy to people once more, I was committed to try. I believe that anyone can experience music the way I do, as long as they really listen with their heart. I try to make it possible for others to connect to the music in a more meaningful way, so that they too will hear a song – especially a song that they’ve heard before – as if it were for the very first time. When we know more about the composer, the singer, the words and their meaning, then we become more emotionally invested in the niggun, and it sounds much different than it did before. If nothing else, you’ll at least walk away with that.

Worth the read. Worth the listen. For best results, listen with your heart.